Key Principles

Just as no two people are the same, each therapist is different from the next! Everyone is formed and conditioned to be the way they are by multiple experiences throughout their lifetimes. Likewise every therapist has their own distinctive practice grown and modelled from their own life experiences.

It is important to find a therapist that makes you feel safe, comfortable and with whom you can connect, but equally challenges and inspires you.

To give you some understanding of my personal philosophy as a therapist I will share my beliefs:

  • Developing commitment to personal growth is, by far, the most important step.
  • Despite all of a person’s difficult life experiences, damaging childhoods and painful losses we all have the potential for growth and change with the right kind of help.
  • The journey of change is as important as the end goal. The powerful experience of therapy; acknowledging, confronting and working with a person’s problems can bring new meaning to their lives.
  • My commitment to my own supervision ensures that I practise safely and ethically. It provides me with the support necessary to meet the emotional and intellectual demands of my work.
  • Finding and being inspired by new ideas and methodologies helps me work in a creative and resourceful way. These may present themselves through ongoing personal research, valuable dialogue with peers and colleagues, or formally through further professional development training.